This FAQ helps answer many common questions around the payment process.

How can I make a payment?

Open your banking app or relevant e-wallet and scan the QR code if available.

You can also open your banking app, or e-wallet, and enter the account details. Next, you must enter the exact amount. Finally, enter the note/message/description. 

Who am I sending my money to?

These accounts are authorised by XanPay. We operate and secure these accounts. When you enter the correct account details, the amount you transfer will be received by us.

Why is there a text/note?

This note, or code, is generated by our payment system. It helps add an additional layer of information to facilitate payment completion and reconciliation. We request you to enter this note is accurately during payment. 

What is XanPay's payment technology?

XanPay is a payments company with a unique automated P2P transaction layer that connects Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) across countries. As such, payments go through Third Party Payment Partners, whom we refer to as liquidity peers. All partners have been through rigorous checks and identity verification in order to participate in our payments layer. Please rest assured that these are approved accounts in our network.

What are APMs?

APMs are modernised payment methods that have 3x more penetration rate in the Asia region -- such as e-wallets (e.g. Touch 'n Go in Indonesia) and real-time payment methods (PayNow in Singapore). It does not include traditional means such as cash and credit cards.