Customers have paid but the charge shows as Expired/Cancelled.

Expired Charges

Transaction confirmations, completion times, and bank settlements can vary, depending on the banks and other intermediaries. As a result, the amounts are not immediately received on the receiver's side.

Delays can also happen when the customer doesn't follow instructions at the time of payment such as keying in the correct nonce/text required to complete the transaction.

Alternatively, you may reach out to us directly via your dashboard. 

  1. Head to your XanPay dashboard, and click 'Contact Support
  2. Click 'Charge Related Issues
  3. Select the charge that is 'Expired'
  4. Type the details of your enquiry in 'Message' 
  5. Attach your customers' proof of payment that they have provided you in the below options
  6. Click 'Send Message' 


1) Click 'Contact Support'


2) Click 'Charge Related Issues'



3) Select 'Expired' Charge


4) Enter your enquiry in the 'Message' field, and attach the relevant receipts/images


5) Click 'Send Message'


That's all! Our team will evaluate the case, check on the charges, and get back to you as soon as they can. 


Cancelled Charges

Charges that have the 'Cancelled' status are due to customers cancelling the transaction at the payment instruction page. An example of the 'Cancel' button is shown below.