XanPay is a payments platform that enables merchants to accept payments across Asia Pacific with one single integration. Our solution enables businesses to accept payments via local banks and fast payment methods specific to each region. 

XanPay offers

  • Payments via more than 10 currencies
  • Quick payment confirmations
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy disbursements of funds

By integrating XanPay’s API solution, digital platforms can significantly reduce development costs, infrastructure, and staffing resources. 

How XanPay works

XanPay is a payments platform that has an automated routing infrastructure technology that enables all types of small and medium businesses (SMBs) and merchants to accept cross-border payments seamlessly. The automated routing technology connects local payment methods that are widely adopted in the local regions. By eliminating the high charges from traditional financial institutions and middlemen (like credit cards and clearing houses), XanPay reduces costs and is able to make our pricing highly competitive.

Businesses and merchants

XanPay accepts all types of businesses that want to efficiently receive both local and cross-border payments while expanding their customer base in the Asia Pacific region.
Acceptance or Approvals are subject to a merchant successfully meeting our KYB procedures and compliance review. Businesses are required to submit their documentation to facilitate this process. Pricing could be dependent on and determined by the nature of the business.