Which payment methods are available on XanPay?

Offer high value local payment methods like PayNow, FPS, InstaPay, PromptPay, Bank Transfers and MORE to your customers with XanPay!

(Limits stated may be subjected to change)

XanPay - Available Methods


Note: Methods indicated with (*) are only available to selected merchants and pricing may vary.

The 'Main' methods listed are all the methods that XanPay provides by default. 'Alternative Methods' listed are methods that can be used alongside with the 'Main' method. E.g. We have manual bank transfers available as Indonesia's main payment method. However, bank transfers can also be made via the alternative methods like via GoPay, OVO and DANA. 

In addition to providing local APMs in the servicing countries, XanPay also provides Stellar USDC, USDT and Xan Wallet as payment methods. These methods are enabled by default and available for all servicing countries. An example of our checkout page with Singapore's PayNow and its alternative payment methods is shown below. 

If you prefer to have a payment method disabled, and/or only select specific methods, you may do so via the XanPay API, by pre-defining the 'paymentMethods' attribute. 




Xan-Wallet App

Xan Wallet is a blockchain wallet launched by XanPay and XanPool that enables consumers to use popular local payment methods to pay for goods and services from participating merchants, swap cryptocurrencies and get cashback for their purchases. 

The Xan Wallet payment method is available via the XanPay API. Logos of all methods enabled via Xan Wallet in the consumer's region are also visible. When a user chooses Xan Wallet option on the checkout page, the relevant payment instructions will appear. 

Payment methods listed below are the deposit methods available. When a user registers an account with Xan Wallet, the wallet balance shown will be in USDT. All deposits made via the relevant fiat methods will be converted into USDT.