Is there a limit on the charge amount?

Payment Methods Transaction Limit

Please refer to this article for each payment methods' per-transaction limits. 

If you require that this amount be increased due to the nature of your business, please reach out to our support team. 

Our support team requires the following information to consider your request:

1. Nature of your business

2. Currencies that you wish you transact in

3. Maximum transaction amount expected in each currency

Please share this information and they can assist you.


How much volume can be transacted with XanPay?

There is a limit on the monthly transaction volume that an account is permitted to process by default. For business accounts, this limit is 10,000 USD. For individual accounts, this amount is 5,000 USD.

If you wish to increase this limits:

  1. Please head to your dashboard 'Account' here
  2. Look for the 'Transaction Limit' section 
  3. Click 'Increase limit' 



There is no limit on the number of transactions a merchant can receive.