How do I test with Sandbox mode?

Testing with Sandbox mode allows you to simulate payments made by customers without any money changing hands. It allows you to explore the use of XanPay, integrate with XanPay and test your integration. This can be done even when your account has not been verified. 


Get your Sandbox API Keys

Sandbox API keys are required for testing user flows. Using these keys, you can simulate creating charges, payments made by customers, refunds and all the features of our API.


1) Login to your XanPay dashboard

2) On the top of your dashboard, toggle the button to Sandbox mode. 



3) On the left panel, click on 'API Keys'



4) Click 'Create key' 


After clicking the key, a Client ID and Secret will be generated.

That's it! You can use these credentials to build and test your integration. If you are using our API, please remember to use the correct base URL (


Stay notified of all your transactions

To ensure that your system stays updated with all charge statuses, please set up your webhooks with this guide