How do I install XanPay onto OpenCart store?


  • Download the plugin here
  • Navigate to your OpenCart website admin panel
  • Install the plugin in Extensions > Installer > Select the XanPay extension archive
  • Configure the plugin at Extensions > Payments > XanPay



  • API Key - XanPay API Key Client ID (How to create one)
  • Public Key - XanPay certificate public key ([How to create one(../general/#complete-prerequisites))
  • Environment - either Production or Sandbox - Sandbox can be used for testing
  • Status - set to Enabled to enable XanPay payment method
  • Sort Order - determines position relative to other payment methods
  • Completed Status - status to transition orders to after a payment has been processed
  • Geo Zone - restrict geo zone
  • Total - minimum order total to enable XanPay method


I am having trouble with installing the plugin. How can I get help? 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the details of the issue you are facing.
  3. Enter the version number of your plugin.
  4. Attach a screenshot of your e-commerce platform's error log to the ticket.