Securing Server Communications

Can you whitelist my domain?

To enable widget integrations in production, we require that we whitelist your domains. For this, please put in a request via your dashboard and our team will review these and approve. 


Can you whitelist my IPs?

In general, we do not whitelist merchant IPs.

Whitelisting IPs is a way of ensuring that only authorised servers are calling our APIs. In our case, we use Basic Authentication with API credentials. This documentation explains this process.


Which IPs do your notifications come from?

We do not prefer the use of IPs for identifying ourselves.

For Notifications, we expect that you are checking the certificate and credentials (username and password) that you have setup along with your webhooks.

However, if you do require our IPs, you can get them from our /ip API. Production IPs are available at  and sandbox APIs are available at for sandbox exist. We use | to separate IPs when we have more than 1.