Can I refund a charge made by a customer?

Yes, you can.

1) Login to your XanPay dashboard



2) In the search bar of your 'Charges' tab, enter/find your customer's charge by chargeID/email



3) Click on [Refund] initiate a refund.



4) Click ‘Refund all’ or edit the amount you want to refund



5) Ensure that a 'Refund Initiated' status is updated in the charge's 'History' section



Refunds can take 3-7 days to process depending on the payment method and amount.

When the merchant triggers a refund on the dashboard, the customer receives an SMS from us with a link. The customer is required to go to this link to key in their phone number and choose a refund method.

Refunds are automatic up to a limit and for certain payout methods, they are manual for others, and beyond a certain limit.