How can I verify my XanPay account?

  1. Go to your XanPay dashboard.
  2. Click on the prompt 'Verify your account' on the sidebar to verify your account. mceclip0.png
  3. In the account verification form, begin by verifying your phone number by entering the SMS OTP. If you have already completed this step previously, you will not be required to repeat this step.
  4. Enter your business's website URL, company name and company address. 
  5. Attach the relevant documents in the required sections, and that's it!
  6. Our KYB team will then review your documents personally, and get back to you soon on your account verification status.

Documents Specifications

Please ensure that you have provided the correct documents that fulfil the relevant requirements:

a) Business Email - Business email address in order to establish ownership of the registered URL.

b) Live & Completed Website - All URLs that XanPay will be used on (if applicable). We need to see products, pricing as well as a business support email address and ownership shown on the site by parent company.

c) Shareholders ID - Shareholder ID or Passport of directors & shareholders owning more than 20% of the business

d) Bank Statement - Bank Statement issued within the last 3 months with business name, bank account number & registered business postal address

e) Proof of Address - Document issued within the last 3 months with the business name & registered business postal address

f) Business Registration or Incorporation Documents - For all entities registered with clear shareholder breakdowns Applicable to certain high-risk industries only.

g) Licensing documentation - In the name of the entity that XanPay will be making payment to (if applicable)