The balance available for payout that portion of the total account balance which was collected prior to the account's on hold period.

Until a payout is initiated, payments are received and retained in the customer's currency. While initiating a payout, the target currency is specified. We access the conversion rate from the customer's currency to the payout currency using We use this rate to convert the from various customer currencies to payout currency.

We deduct XanPay's fees from this amount. These fees are zero until your account completes transactions amounting to XanPay's Free Tier.

Accounts can have two types of fees, local and cross-border. We determine whether or not we require to do any cross border conversions from the customer's payment currency to the payout currency. If yes, then we charge cross-border rates, otherwise we charge local rates. These rates are setup based on agreements during the KYB process.

If the payout is occurring via a payment method in our network, we do not charge any additional fees. Certain payout methods employ external banks or intermediaries for completing transfers such as SWIFT or SEPA. In these cases, these intermediaries may charge an additional amount which is not computed as a percentage but as a fixed amount per transfer. In these cases, we encourage merchants to manage these fees by increasing the amount they transfer each time.

We do charge an additional 0.3% for payouts via USDT on the Tron chain.