How to simulate a charge in Sandbox?

After you have set up our XanPay widget onto your platform, you can now test the checkout flow that you and your customers will experience. Testing the flow with sandbox mode will help you answer the following questions:

  • What will my customers see on the checkout page? 
  • How will my customers pay?
  • What will I see on my dashboard when a customer has successfully made a payment?
  • Can I ensure that my system is notified when an update occurs on XanPay?

Charge Creation and Completion

After you have set up the checkout widget, you should be able to see widget interface that are similar to that of the demo’s here.                                              

1) Enter a an email and phone number. You may use our Sandbox phone number (+65 12345678901) and Sandbox verification code (123456).




2) Click ‘Pay’, and you should be able to see the payment instructions. Note that these are not real payment instructions and are only meant to simulate the experience.



3) Go to ‘Charges’ tab on your dashboard: 

- Search for the Charge ID shown with the payment instructions.

- The charge’s status should be ‘Pending’. 

- Select the charge



4) Click on 'Complete charge' to simulate what happens when a user transfer the amount via their payment app, in other words, to simulate ‘charge’ completion (when payment has been made). 



5) You should be able to see the below successful status messages, and receive an email confirmation on the payment received.