How to simulate a refund in Sandbox?

After you have completed a charge in the 'How to simulate a charge in Sandbox' article, you can now test the refund flow that you and your customers will experience.  Testing the refund flow with sandbox mode will help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I initiate a refund? 
  • What happens after I initiate a refund? 
  • How can a customer get a refund once it is initiated?
  1. Go to ‘Charges’ tab on your dashboard: 
    • Click on the charge you want to perform a refund for 
    • On the top right corner of ‘Charge details’, click ‘Refund’ 
    • Click ‘Refund all’ or edit the amount you want to refundScreenshot_2022-08-18_at_3.56.26_PM.png              Screenshot_2022-08-18_at_3.59.06_PM.png         Screenshot_2022-08-18_at_4.07.06_PM.png
  2. A refund confirmation link will be sent to your customer:
    1. In this Sandbox testing case, you are simulating the customer's actions as well. Hence, click on the link generated to simulate what your customer will see. 
    2. Enter the Sandbox phone number (+65 12345678901) and Sandbox verification code (123456)
    3. Click ‘Refund’                                                                    Screenshot_2022-08-18_at_4.10.26_PM.png                 Screenshot_2022-08-18_at_4.13.57_PM.png        Screenshot_2022-08-18_at_4.14.55_PM.png
  3. Head back to your charge details’ page on your dashboard. You will see that the amount has been refunded.