Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods are displayed to the user?

We automatically detect user location when the user is on XanPay's checkout page and based on that, our widget displays the relevant available payment methods. In other words, we detect he user geo based on their IP and filter the list of available payment methods based on the geography. 

When you initialise our widget or Checkout Link, we would advise you to remove the payment methods argument. If you send that argument, then the payment methods displayed are restricted to the ones specified.


Can we use XanPay if we are using another payment method?

Yes! There is no conflict in using another payment method along with XanPay.


Can you redirect to merchant page after payment?

When the customer clicks on 'I have made my payment' on the payment widget, we redirect them to the merchant website. To enable this, set up the redirectUrl parameter in our APIs (/checkout-link and /sesssions). 

If you are using the embedded widget, your JavaScript code will receive a Charge ID. You can poll the Charges API and redirect the user when the charge is completed.


Can XanPay update my system whenever an event takes place on XanPay?

We provide webhooks. You can set up the webhook on the dashboard. Click "Webhooks" on the left sidebar on the left of your XanPay dashboard 'Webhooks'. Whenever a charge is created or updated, the webhook with the status of the transaction will be notified. We use webhooks to update other systems.

Learn more here:


Could you store and send back transaction information to help me link charges to my database?

You can add your Transaction ID in notifyPayload parameters, and it will be available in callbacks and in API. Learn more about the notifyPayload parameter here