How long does a payout take to settle into our bank account?

Settlements can take up to 7 days. Payouts can be implemented Depending on the payment method of the payout and amount, the payout if triggered automatically or requires manual intervention. Manual Settlements take longer than 7 days.


How long is the hold period? 

The hold period is typically 7 days from charge completion. Hold periods can be adjusted in some cases, subject to various internal approvals.


What are the withdrawal fees?

For payouts (settlements) to local bank account, we charge no additional fees. 
For payouts (settlements) to USD/EUR, we charge no additional fees. However, you could be charged anywhere from $0-$200 per transfer. This is not charged by us. This is deducted from your transfer by intermediary banks for transfers via the SWIFT network or for SEPA payments.
For payouts (settlements) to USDT, we charge withdrawal fees of 0.3%.


Where can I update my Settlement methods?

You can change and add your payout methods in the account under the "Payouts" tab, at the navigation bar on the left-hand side.


What are the reconciliation files available?

Reconciliation files like monthly transactions and balance reports are available for download via the dashboard. We also provide REST API that allows querying charges' history.