Can I create a payment link for my customers?

Yes, you can! If you would like to create a payment checkout link without integrating into a website or platform, you may use the 'Create checkout link' function on your XanPay dashboard. 

  1. Login to your XanPay dashboard.
  2. Click 'Create checkout link'.
  3. Select your 'API Key'. 
  4. Select the currency in which you are specifying the order amount.
  5. (Option) Enter the individual items relevant for the order. If you do, the "Amount" field will be filled automatically.
  6. If you did not enter any order details, please enter the amount now.
  7. Click 'Generate link'. The link is generated.
  8. Share the generated link with your customer. You can copy the link and send it to your customer. You could choose to email them straight from here. You could also embed this link on your website, and customers will be able to pay.
  9. If you change the order in any way, please ensure you click on "Generate link again" and use the fresh link.

1) Select payment details 


2) Click 'Generate link'


That's it!