How do I pay with Xan Wallet?

Xan Wallet is a blockchain wallet launched by XanPay and XanPool that enables consumers to use popular local payment methods to pay for goods and services from participating merchants, swap cryptocurrencies and get cashback for their purchases. 

When a user registers an account with Xan Wallet, the wallet balance shown will be in USDT. All deposits made via the relevant fiat methods will be converted into USDT. Payment methods listed here are the deposit methods available. 


Here are 3 guided videos to introduce you to Xan Wallet as a first-time user, and to ensure that your experience is seamless! ✨

If you prefer written instructions, feel free to scroll past the videos, and our guides can be found there. 😄

First Time Users

Existing Users (Deposit + Payment)

Existing Users (Payment)


How do I deposit/top-up funds? 

1) Select your preferred local payment method to top up your Xan Wallet balance.


2) Follow the relevant payment instructions to complete your deposit. 



How do I pay with Xan Wallet?

1) On the XanPay checkout page, select 'Xan Wallet' as your payment option. Next, enter your email and verify your phone number. 



2) Scan the QR code from your Xan Wallet mobile app. 

Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_3.17.41_PM.png            Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_3.20.29_PM.png


3) Swipe to pay & that's it! 

Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_3.21.47_PM.png               Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_3.22.46_PM.png