XanPay Dashboard Introduction

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Sandbox Mode 

Here is a first look at what you would see once you are successfully logged in to your XanPay account! The yellow banner at the top of the page indicates that you are currently viewing the Sandbox version of your account. The Sandbox environment is a simulated environment of the Production environment. Sandbox mode is typically used for developers to run tests with the Sandbox API keys and simulate checkout flows. More of this will be introduced in the API keys section. 





As seen from the image above, the Home Page provides an overview of the transaction volume accumulated over the bottom-filtered time period. On the right panel, it shows the total available balance that is in your account, and the on-hold balance. Available balance is the total volume collected from all your transactions. On-hold balance is the amount that is currently on-hold before withdrawal availability. All transaction amounts are on-hold are a period of 7 days, before they are available to withdraw. 



On this tab, you get to view all of the charges generated for your account. It presents real-time data and charge statuses of all of your charges.

Here is a brief description of what each charge status means: 

PENDING: Waiting for the customer to transfer funds

COMPLETED: Customer has sent the funds

EXPIRED: Expired due to non-payment by the customer

CANCELLED: Customer has cancelled the charge before a payment was made

You will also be able to click onto the relevant charges to view more details. Refund functions and statuses will also be available on the same page. 







This is where you will be able to view the funds that are available for your withdrawal. All withdrawals are subjected to the fees that are tied with that account. To learn more about our fees, please view this article

To withdraw your funds, you may do so via adding your Payout method. You can choose to withdraw all your funds with 1 default settlement currency, or withdraw with multiple currencies. The history of your initiated payouts will be recorded in the Activity section. 





We provide a wide range of integration solutions for all our merchants, that includes plugin solutions for 4 different e-commerce platforms, and API solutions for developers. 



API Keys 

All our integration solutions are protected by HTTP Basic Authentication. HTTP Basic Authentication requires a username and password encoded in base64. In our case, the username and password are the API key Client ID and API key Secret respectively. 

You can create API keys for your project on the API Keys page





Webhooks can be used to facilitate communication between your system and XanPay. They can notify your system with the relevant information. Our Notification format is documented here. Your endpoint would need to extract the relevant fields and execute the relevant business logic. Please note that notification formats and can vary depending on the version of your API Notifications. Learn more about webhooks setup here





The use of XanPay's widget is can only be enabled upon approval / whitelisting of your domains. To request for domain approval, you may do so via the Domains page




Generate Widget

Choose to redesign your widget here! You can customise the appearance of your payment widget, and it would automatically update to your plugin solutions, or if you are integrating via API, you can also include it in your code. 





Create checkout-link

This function allows you to generate a payment link easily, just by entering a few details! 

1. You may be a small business that handles orders online, or via direct-messages, and you are looking for a payment solution that allows you to simply provides a link to your customers for payment. 

2. Or you may also be exploring our payment widget, and want to have a first-hand experience of it without integrating with any plugin or API solutions. 






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