Withdraw Payouts (Settlements)

Understand the withdrawal processes and timelines.

  • How can I initiate a payout (settlement)?

    Depending on the currency and merchant account details, we might use different methods to trigger these transfers: 1. Local payment methods 2. SWIFT or SEPA transfe...

  • What are the fees charged?

    Payouts Dashboard All balances are available in the Payouts section of the dashboard.  'Before Fees' is the total transaction volume accumulated from all charges....

  • Payouts (Settlements) FAQ

    How long does a payout take to settle into our bank account? Settlements can take up to 7 days. Payouts can be implemented Depending on the payment method of the pa...

  • Can we change the account details for payout(settlement)?

    Yes, you can.  1) Head to your XanPay dashboard  2) On the left panel, click 'Payouts'  3) Click on your payout method  4) Click 'Edit'